Sim Entertainment CEO mentions Joo Won


Sim Entertainment CEO mentions Joo Won

Sim Entertainment CEO’s dream  – “Planning for actors on a large scale” . Search for new acting talents.

Representative Sim expresses that when he grooms new actors, he wants them to have an extraordinary ambition. He devotes his energy and efforts to discover new talents, giving himself a target of grooming one new actor each year. Sim said : “Honesty is the most important. Although it is good to be beautiful or handsome, one must possess the charisma.” He revealed the secret conversation he had with Joo Won. He first met Joo Won when the latter was performing in “Spring Awakening”, he was very satisfied with him. When the performance ended, he chatted with Joo Won in a fried chicken store at University Avenue. Sim reminisces, saying: “That ability to act a 2hr30 minutes performance over 8  months without rotating with another actor , to do it all by himself, it’s really awesome.” “At that time, his role was a physically demanding one. So I asked Joo Won: ‘Will you survive after these performances are over?’ Joo Won answered that within a month from the start of his performance, he lost 10 kg. At that time, I said to myself, this friend is really too honest.” Thus, he tied his fate with Joo Won. Sim has always been on good terms with the actors under Sim Entertainment Agency. He expresses his thoughts on all the actors in his care saying: Working together from the start as a new actor, now we get along just like family” and “having a heart that goes beyond the relationship between a manager and an actor”.

Chinese translation: beshd斯达 on Joo Won Baidu


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